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Every time your friends complete the evaluation and enroll into their customized ASN or BSN bridge program, you will receive $100 for each enrollment.


    Distance Learning Systems offers a fast-track path to earning an ASN or BSN through a customized online bridge program. 

    Thousands of LPNs, LVNs, and Paramedics nationwide use our flexible and interactive program with instructor-led courses that prepare individuals for passing a standardized test that awards college course credits.


We believe in providing affordable and convenient access to higher education while achieving standards of excellence through our core values of innovation, passion, empowerment, ethics, and respect.


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We offer a high quality, low cost path to college credit in a flexible online learning environment with live interactive and recorded classes. As one of the nation’s leading online learning platforms, we provide customized education solutions that are an alternative to the rising cost and debt of education. Since 1999, over 20,000 individuals nationwide have enrolled into our programs in pursuit of a fast-track path to earning a degree.

Advocate For Nursing

Distance Learning Systems offers an Advocate for Nursing Program that earns you extra income for helping others earn their nursing degrees.  It’s free to sign-up and once you join, just share your unique web link that promotes our free evaluation for nurses and paramedics to get a customized path for earning their nursing degree.  When your friends enroll into our ASN or BSN bridge program, you will get $100 for every enrollment (due to U.S. Code: Title 38 – Veteran’s Benefits, no federal facility employee can participate in our Advocate for Nursing program).

Our Advocate for Nursing Program is easy-to-use, requires no training, accessible from any device wherever there is internet, and it automatically tracks your referrals.  You can withdraw or transfer your earnings, access reports for enrolled and non-enrolled referrals, and customize your account all from your fingertips.


Nursing Degree

ASN BRIDGE:  Prepares individuals to pass the standardized exams (credit-by-exam) for each course required in order to receive an RN degree from a regionally accredited (ACEN) college. Individuals must provide proof of current, unencumbered LPN, LVN or Paramedic License. Clinical exam prep and NCLEX® prep (required for an RN) are also available.

BSN BRIDGE: Prepares individuals to pass the standardized exams (credit-by-exam) for the BSN degree from a regionally accredited (ACEN) or nationally accredited (CCNE) college or university.  To qualify, individuals must provide proof of an Associate Degree with a major in nursing from an accredited institution, proof of current, unencumbered RN license, minimum required GPA, and official transcripts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Distance Learning Systems prepares clients to challenge and pass college proficiency examinations. When an exam is passed, your passing score may be transferred into the college of your choice where you will receive full credit toward your degree for the course you tested out of.

Distance Learning Systems provides an Advocate for Nursing program that earns individuals extra income for helping others earn their nursing degree.  There is no cost to sign-up for the referral program and by joining you are given your own account that you can access anywhere there is internet that will automatically track referrals, payments, reports, and assign you a web link that you can share and promote in order to generate referrals.  For more information see our Referral Program Terms of Service

Although anyone that meets the qualifications can participate in our ASN or BSN Bridge program, not everyone can participate in the Distance Learning Systems’ Advocate for Nursing program.  Due to U.S. Code: Title 38 – Veteran’s Benefits, no federal facility employee can participate in our referral program because they can’t receive any benefit (monetary or in-kind) from a for-profit education provider.

Once your referral has completed the transcript evaluation and enrolled in their customized education plan, your account will be credited $100 USD for each enrollment.  Three (3) business days after the enrollment, the credit will be deposited into your Advocate for Nursing program account in the amount of $100 USD and you will be able to withdraw it directly into your bank or PayPal® account.

You will have live support available through our live chat feature or by contacting us by phone. In most instances, it is available 24 hours Monday – Friday. On a rare occasion, technical support may be unavailable during non-business hours (5pm to 8am EST and on weekends).


Veronica Young

Attaining my ASN degree has opened the door of now possessing my BSN degree and currently working towards my Master Degree in Nursing.  The flexibility afforded by this program can’t be matched.

Nancy Wannall

DLSI has given me the knowledge and courage needed to fulfill a promise that I made to myself 30+ years ago from LPN to RN.  The instructors and tutorials have been an answer to my prayers.

Frank Greer

This program has given me the flexibility and structure to transition to RN that I needed as an older learner.

Jesse Ragan

DLSI was a huge help during this RN road.  I would not have made it this far if it as not for all the resources DLSI provided and the availability of the staff.

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