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Distance Learning Systems National Referral Program,

Independent Agent Information Page

Welcome to the Distance Learning Systems family of independent agents. You have joined a national group of education reps who provide a proven system of earning college and university credits outside the traditional classroom.

There is no downside to this program…everyone wins!  You will save those you come in contact with time and money as they quickly add college credits toward graduation to their transcripts. This program benefits both the full time client as limited time is required to complete each class, and part time clients who are only able to schedule 1 or 2 classes per term. You may also provide your products to high school juniors and seniors who are interested in getting a jump on college.

Once a client completes these online classes they will only be required to pass “1” exam to earn credit for the classes they purchase. Each client will find information regarding scheduling exams once they log into class.

Payment of Commission:   A commission of $100 U.S. will be sent to you for every enrollment you refer that is purchased. There is no limit to the number of enrollments you can sell, or the amount of money you can make. See below for additional commission opportunities.

What you CAN say:

  • Distance Learning Systems prepares clients to challenge and pass college proficiency exams such as CLEP & DSST (standardized exams accepted for credit by over 2,900 colleges & universities nationwide). This is commonly referred to as “Testing-out”
  • Classes are recorded and can be completed at the leisure of the client. There is no time limit for completion. Most classes contain 4 to 8 lessons.
  • Clients will only be required to pass “1” (one) test per course to earn college credit.
  • Distance Learning Systems does not limit the number of classes a client can purchase or test-out of.  Clients should verify the classes their college or university will accept via CLEP, etc.
  • If a client fails an exam, Distance Learning Systems will allow that client to retake that course free of charge.
  • The national pass rate on all exams is over 97%.
  • Clients can only enroll through a Program Administrator at Distance Learning Systems after the transcript evaluation and upon enrollment into a contractual agreed upon program. All payments must clear before classes are opened.
  • If individuals are interested in joining our ranks as a referral program participant and do not currently work at a federal facility, they should contact us using our toll free number 888-955-3276.


What you CAN’T say:

  • Distance Learning Systems is a college or university
  • Distance Learning Systems awards credit (this is done only by the college or university)
  • Distance Learning Systems guarantees your college or university will accept all exam scores for credit. This is at the discretion of the college or university and should be verified before classes are purchased.
  • No real work is required. Clients will have to pass college level exams. This process will shorten and simplify the process, but clients will need to learn the material. It is just presented in a concise and user friendly way to save the client significant time in earning college credits.
  • If you don’t like a class you can drop it and get a refund. Once a class is purchased and delivered, and due to the extremely high pass rate, these classes cannot be dropped or refunded. This is a retail purchase, not enrollment into the college.


List of Available Classes:

Anatomy & Physiology Biology Chemistry

College Algebra College Math Developmental Psychology

English Composition    Ethics Health and Human Development

US History I Humanities Intro to Psychology

Intro to Sociology Intro to World Religion Microbiology

Principles of Management   Principles of Public Speaking Principles of Statistics

Social Sciences & History Substance Abuse


Degree Programs Available Supported by Distance Learning Systems Test Prep  (Degrees conferred by regionally accredited universities)


Associate Degrees

___ Associate of Science, Accounting

___ Associate of Science, Business

___ Associate of Arts, Criminal Justice

___ Associate of Arts, Paralegal Studies

___ Associate of Arts, Psychology

___ Associate of Science, Nursing (Excelsior)

___ Associate of Arts, Psychology (Christian Counseling)


Bachelor Degrees

___Bachelor of Science, Accounting

___ Bachelor of Science, Application & Database Development

___ Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice

___ Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice – Homeland Security

___ Bachelor of Science, Finance

___ Bachelor of Science, Human Resource Management

___ Bachelor of Science, Information Technology – Database Networking & Security

___ Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

___ Bachelor of Science, Business Administration – Communications

___ Bachelor of Science, Business Administration – Healthcare Management

___ Bachelor of Science Business Administration –Marketing

___ Bachelor of Science, International Business

___ Bachelor of Science, Religion – Biblical & Theological Studies

___ Bachelor of Science, Nursing (RN to BSN)


You will be paid commission of $100 for any client you refer to Distance Learning Systems who contracts to purchase degree program assistance. Send these referrals to the unique web link you automatically receive upon joining Distance Learning Systems’ National Referral Program.

Once again, welcome to the Distance Learning Systems family. We are confident you will enjoy the opportunity you have to help your fellow clients expedite graduation while saving valuable time and tuition dollars.

Should you have any questions regarding a Distance Learning Systems Program, please feel free to contact our National Admissions Manager, Bob Briggs at our toll-free number, 888-955-3276 for further information.